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Hire a Professional D.I as your partner for the Milonga

The milonga is coming and men and women are preparing for this great event.

Women choose a beautiful pair of shoes, a wonderful dress that matches with their lipstick.

Everything is ready, the milonga is full, the tango music starts to play and the dance floor looks cinematic.

But maybe on that Milonga that women don't get a cabeceo (invitation for dance) and this is a situation that we usually see here in Tokyo.

It's why we decided to include a new system for those cases. From now on you can rent a professional dance instructor for the Milonga.


It's very easy to use, you can choose one D.I. and pay from 10,000 to 13,000 yen and get a service of 15 songs (Tango, Milonga or Vals).

According to your budget or your level you can request a different D.I (dance instructor).

This service include:

15 tangos, milonga or vals with the same dance instructor. After 15 songs, 1 extra song (Tango, Milonga or Vals) will have an extra price of ¥500.

This service is to be used only at Doble A Milongas (Nichiyōbi Milongueá and Milonga Corazon).

Your D.I is allowed to rest at least 2 tandas between and also he is allowed to dance with other dancers, but the priority is for you. If you decide to share with your friends it is ok, but remember that the limit is 15 songs or the number that you would like to pay.


Example of rates:


D.I. : Ezequiel Gomez

​2018 Korean Champion

English, Spanish and Japanese speaker.


Regular service: 15 songs / ¥12,000

2 extra songs : ¥1,000

Total to dance with D.I = 17 songs.

Total amount to pay = ¥13,000

Team of Professional D.I.


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