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強拍と弱拍。音楽のフレーズ。様々なマルカート(ジュンバ、マルカード・エン・クアトロ、332、シンコペーション等々)。 これらをダンスフロアでどう活かすか。ディナミカ(スローモーション、加速、パウサ)。 音楽家も招いて一緒に練習します! Musicality for dance Tango (All Levels) 5 Lessons January 22nd - March 19th at 18.00hs Dancing from and with the music. Musical elements for dance tango: Marcato en 4, Marcato en 2, Síncopas, 4-1, Slow motion, Rhythm melodies and Cantabile melodies. Playing with different orchestras. Sometimes these pre-milonga lessons are going to be accompanied by a guest musician who facilitates and adds to the understanding and listening of certain rhythms of Tango. Date: 1/22 - 2/05 - 2/19 - 3/05 - 3/19


  • 4-chōme

    4 Chome-7-2 Sengoku, Bunkyo City, Tokyo, Japan